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🤖🌐 A Discord bot where you can search articles on Wikipedia and extend your knowledge about the world!

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The Wikipedia Bot sends you short summaries of a Wikipedia article you searched for.

You can quickly share the information about a topic on your Discord server, for example you want information about a game or a person.

In future updates, it will also read articles for you with text-to-speech support and it will be able to send you a list of the references used in a Wikipedia article.


Any type of contribution is welcome. Even reporting problems or suggesting new features does help a lot to improve the bot.

If you want to contribute to the codebase of this project, please follow the contributing guidelines.

Also, we recommend to read the Code of Conduct.


Other ways to contact me:

Twitter ( @julianYaman )

E-Mail ( )

Contact form coming soon...


Main Features:

!wiki [search term] - Gives you a short summary of a Wikipedia article you searched for!

!help - You guessed it!

!sources [search term] [range / options] - This command sends you the references used in a Wikipedia article. Checkout the Example dropdown to see how this command works.

Bot related commands:

!info - Information and stats about the bot.

!bot - Sends you a bot invite link with which you can invite the bot to your own server.

Support the developers effort:

!vote - Vote for the bot on the Discord Bot list sites the bot is listed on.

!history - The History Discord server is a place where you can talk and discuss about history and historical events or ask people to help you for your school project about History and historical events or timelines.

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